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 ===== Editing the Spawner Descriptor ===== ===== Editing the Spawner Descriptor =====
-First of all locate your spawners directory in your new mod:+First of all create a spawners directory in your new mod:
   C:​\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Spawners   C:​\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Spawners
-The we will edit the trashbin.json file to add our object to the spawnables array:+Inside it we will have to create the Sprites folder which will hold all the spawners sprites 
 +  C:​\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Spawners\Sprites 
 +Then we have to edit our mod descriptor file spawnersFolder property to let him know that there are spawners to load in this mod: 
 +  C:​\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Descriptor.json 
 +   "​modName":​ "​MyMod_MODPKG",​ 
 +   "​author":​ "​RadicalFiction",​ 
 +   "​gameVersion":​ "",​ 
 +   "​langFolder":​ "​Lang",​ 
 +   "​itemsFolder":​ "​Items",​ 
 +   "​shopsFolder":​ "​Shops",​ 
 +   "​spawnersFolder":​ "​Spawners"​ 
 +Then we will create ​the trashbin.json file to add our object to the spawnables array:
   C:​\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Spawners\trashbin.json   C:​\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Spawners\trashbin.json
 +Please note that this will overwrite the trashbin.json file present in the vanilla game mod.
 Edit the file that should look something like this: Edit the file that should look something like this:
  {  {
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    ]    ]
  }  }
 +Now we have to provide the sprites referenced in the json file to have our spawners properly rendered in game. Just save them both in 
 +  C:​\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Spawners\Sprites 
 +{{ :​thrashbin_empty.png?​direct |}} \\ 
 +{{ :​thrashbin_full.png?​direct |}} \\ 
 ==== TEST IT OUT ==== ==== TEST IT OUT ====
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