Adding your sounds and music to the game

In Hard Times mods you can add your own sound clips to be played at specific events and even your own background music to be played during scenes. This is a fairly easy task as we only have to add the specific folder, edit the descripton file of the mod and we're done. Sound clips that you will place in the Sounds folder will be available to be referred in mod files as you do with normal sound effects.
Remember that the modding system only accepts sound files in the ogg format!!

We will have to edit the mod descriptor file to let it know that we will have to load sound data in this mod. Edit the mod package descriptor file in:

C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Descriptor.json

And edit it, modifing the file we edited in the last guides, so that it will look like this:

  "modName": "MyMod_MODPKG",
  "author": "RadicalFiction",
  "gameVersion": "",
  "langFolder": "Lang",
  "itemsFolder": "Items",
  "shopsFolder": "Shops",
  "spawnersFolder": "Spawners",
  "figuresFolder": "Figure",
  "furnituresFolder": "Furnitures",
  "recipesFolder": "Recipes",
  "fishingSpotsFolder": "FishingSpots",
  "questGiversNpcsFolder": "QuestGiversNpc",
  "questsFolder": "Quests",
  "scenesFolder": "Scenes",
  "doorsFolder": "Doors",
  "soundsFolder": "Sounds"

(Assuming you did all the previous guides: we added the “soundsFolder”: “Sounds” to the existing code)

After that we will create the sounds folder under our mod base folder:

C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Sounds

We will have to put in there all the sounds we want to use in the game.
For example lets put this music file in the sounds folder:

(song credits:
We will then have this file in place:

C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Sounds\radfic_requiem.ogg

Now that we loaded our sound clip we will use it as the background music for an existing scene, our new mod scene we created in the previous guides:

C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\RadicalFiction\HARDTIMES\Mods\MyMod_MODPKG\Scenes\Mod_Scene\Descriptor.json

And we will edit the sceneMusic property using our new sound clip:

"sceneMusic": "radfic_requiem.ogg",

As you see, adding sound clips this way makes them accessible wherever a sound or music clip is requested in the mod's files.

If everything went well you should now be able to start again the game with no errors(!). Be sure you have your new mod active and start a new game.
Now when in your modded scene you should be able to listen to your music clip as the background clip!
If you have problems or find errors in this guide please get in touch at

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