Hard Times is a game of extreme urban survival during which you will have to put yourself in the role of a homeless person, struggling with all the challenges that daily survival poses in the great metropolis of indifference.

You will have to rummage in the garbage, begging, escaping to corrupt policemen and citizens spy maniacs of decorum. You will suffer hunger and cold. You will hate long rainy nights and party when you get a decent meal.

You will learn how to build your tools yourself, you can mount and dismantle objects to obtain resources. You can make all kinds of items, including furniture, work tables, kitchens, beds, cardboard beds, containers to store your little treasures and much more.

You will probably have to give up your innocence to survive. Small thefts and shoplifting will become a gesture of self-preservation, beyond any moral judgment. You will know the thrill of introducing you into an unattended property to take possession of it.

You can choose to become a squatter and build your base in the city, live in a homeless encampment or move your things daily with a cart to sleep every night in a different place.

You will hunt mice and fish radioactive fishes to cook them on the live fire of an old rusty bin, you will contract diseases, you will use drugs and you will experience on your skin how cold and indifferent the big metropolis may be towards those who live Hard Times.


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