Player Effects

Player effects are bonuses and maluses that affect your character stats and abilities and are the primary way in which players and characters interact with the environment. They can be timed or endless and there are of 2 kind: active and passive.

  • Active effects affect your stats pushing a bonus or malus on them on a interval basis. For example the “scaby_illness_effect” is an active effect wich is endless (ends when you use an antidote) and causes -1 to your health and -3 to your hygiene stats every 60 minutes. It is active as it actively lowers your stats on every check.
  • Passive effects do not alter directly you stats, so they don’t lower them directly. But they are taken into account on every check involving the stats they affect. For example: “alcohol_effect” is a passive effect affecting any check involving your perceived temperature by +5, making you feel less cold. It also affects with a -5 your scandal level making people more scandalized by you.

The full list of possible modificators in any give effect is listed below (more can be added in the future):

  • “playerHealth”: actively affects the value of character's health
  • “playerHunger”: actively affects the value of character's hunger
  • “playerStamina”: actively affects the value of character's stamina
  • “playerBowels”: actively affects the value of character's bowels
  • “playerTemperature”: Passive - affects character's perceived temperature
  • “playerClean”: actively affects the value of character's hygiene
  • “rainProtection”: Passive - gives protection against Rain, Storm and Snow effects
  • “gastricProtection”: Passive - gives protection against gastric illnesses
  • “contusionProtection”:Passive - gives protection against contusions resulting from being hit
  • “heatProtection”: Passive - gives protection against Heat Stroke
  • “playerScandal”: passive: affects your scandal value
  • “playerSpeed”: passive: affects your speed
  • “pickpocketSpeed”: passive: affects your pickpocket speed
  • “breakSpeed”: passive: affects your door breaking speed
  • “craftingSpeed”: passive: affects your crafting speed
  • “craftingQuality”: passive: affects your crafting result quality
  • “gamblingLuckMultiplier”: passive: affects your gambling success percentage
  • “fishingLuckBonus”: passive: affects your success percentage
  • “fishingQualityBonus”:passive: affects quality of catched fished
  • “bargainBonus”: passive: affects prices of items sold
  • “beggingBonus”: passive: affects the amount of money you can get by begging
  • “scabiesProtection”: passive: protects from getting the scabies illness

Effects can be referenced in other description files and activated by items and so on.
Pressing your “Z” key in game or clicking on your health bar button (lower left side of the screen): You will open the active effects panel, which will show you all active effects and give you informations about them. Don't do the mistake of overlooking it, since it's one of the key concepts of the game, and being always aware of the current effects affecting your character is key to surviving in the great metropolis of indifference!

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