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 +====== Time and Weather ======
 +In Hard Times there is a time and weather system designed to simulate a full year, with changes in the possible weather events and in temperatures along the year.\\
 +==== Days (how time works) ====
 +Each second IRL is two minutes in GameTime(GT). ​ So a day in GT is roughly 12 minutes IRL. A full year is made up of 365 days divided in the canonic 12 months. Each month has it's own data describing temperatures,​ sunset and sunrise hours and so on. You can mod the weather description file to create your own version of the game (for example you could create a polar scenario!).
 +Please refer to the [[Weather System Modding Reference|Weather System Modding Reference]] for a full explaination of how to mod the weather in Hard Times and create your own different weather scenario. ​
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